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All regularly scheduled collection will be delayed by one day when a collection day falls on or after a recognized holiday.

     Water Dept - 2013 Consumer Confidence Report


WATER METER SYSTEM, read all about the City's updates to the meter reading program, improving the reliability and efficiency of the system.

Hours of Operation: Mon.- Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Department of Public Services Garage 370 E. Columbia

Cemetery Questions - Call 734.697.9325 ext. 7010



The Department of Public Services has the responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and overall supervision of streets, water, storm and sanitary sewer, cemetery, and park maintenance. We currently have a staff of seven full time employees that provide all of our public services.

The Department repairs, maintains, and installs water and sewer mains, valves, water and sewer service connections. The Department also supervises and participates in the construction, maintenance, and repair of storm and sanitary sewers, catch basins, and manholes.

DPS staff expends a large amount of time in maintaining and repairing City streets, alleys, bridges, curbs and gutters, and street right-of-ways; installing and repairing street signs, stop signs, and directional signs; street sweeping; and clearing the streets of snow and ice in the winter


The DPW will answer your questions regarding:

  • Street signs
  • Debris along City streets and right-of-way areas
  • Fire hydrants
  • Street sweeping
  • Pavement line marking
  • Surface maintenance and drainage on City streets

Sewer Problems

If you have a sewer-related problem, call DPS during normal hours. If you spot the problem on a holiday, the weekend or after normal business hours, please contact the Police Department at 734-699-2395.  DPS personnel determine if the problem is in your sewer line or the City's sewer main and counsel you regarding your options.

Snow Removal

If the City has a snowfall of 4 inches or more, residents are asked not to park on public streets. You will be notified via the general media when the snow emergency is over and street parking is once again allowed. The DPS clears major roads first, then residential streets, dead-end streets cul de sac areas.


All streetlights are surveyed each month.  If you see one that's not working, please call 734.697.9323


The City has a tree maintenance program. Contact the DPS for more information at 734.697.9323.

City trees are normally trimmed as part of a routine maintenance schedule and upon request, by either DPS personnel or a contractor under DPS supervision. Trees are only removed if they are dead, dying, diseased or dangerous. Trees are not removed due to root damage to sidewalks, yards or sewer lines

Water Leaks

Please report water main breaks or water leaks to the DPS. If you discover a break after normal business hours, on holidays or the weekend, please call the Police Department at 734.699-2395.


Senior Transportation:


Phone 734-697-3733 for available appointments



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