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The Building/Zoning/Planning Department


Adopted Belleville

Zoning Ordinance

--Enforces the Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes, including permit issuance,

plan reviews and inspections. Permits can be obtained from the Building Department through an

application process.  Applications can be downloaded from this site.

Download Fees,

Forms and Applications


--Administers a certificate of occupancy program for residential and commercial property when reoccupied, if sold or a new business comes into an existing building

--Serves as Planning Administrator, including inspections for compliance of final approval for new projects; compiles Planning Commission agendas; and site plan review.

--Administers the Municipal Zoning Ordinance, including zoning compliance, certificates of occupancy and code enforcement on City ordinance violations

--Serves as staff liaison to the  Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals


Building Permits are required when any structural change or major alteration is made to an existing building or when any new construction is undertaken. Normal building maintenance does not require a building permit in most instances. Separate permits for plumbing, mechanical and electrical work are also required when applicable. For questions about building permits call (734) 697-9577 ext. 7015.

Plumbing Permits are issued to Licensed Plumbers or an Owner if the Owner occupies the dwelling unit. The Owner's Plumbing Permit is applicable to single-family, owner-occupied dwelling units only. Examples of plumbing work requiring plumbing permits and inspections include the placement of new plumbing fixtures, soil pipe connections, replacement of sewer laterals, soil stacks, vent pipes and water supply lines

Mechanical Permits are issued to Licensed Mechanical Contractors or an Owner if the Owner occupies the dwelling unit. The Owner's Mechanical Permit is applicable to single-family, owner-occupied dwelling units only. Examples of mechanical work requiring mechanical permits and inspections include the replacement of, or new installations of heating systems, water heaters, chimney liners, gas lines, air conditioning systems and duct work.

Electrical Permits are issued to Licensed Electricians or an Owner if the Owner occupies the dwelling unit. The Owner's Electrical Permit is applicable to single-family, owner -occupied dwelling units only. Examples of electrical work requiring Electrical Permits include the installation of a new electrical service, or any addition to or alteration of the existing branch circuit; the installation of new electrical outlets and/or light.

Inspection Schedule -- Call 734.697.9577 ext.7015


Ordinance Complaints - Can be filed by anyone.  Complaints are taken over the telephone or in person at the Building Department office, located in City Hall 6 Main Street.

If the name of a complainant is offered for the record, the ordinance inspector will advise them when a complaint has been handled and closed. Inspectors also generate their own ordinance complaints when they see violations while in the field.

Depending on the nature of the violation, a complaint can take several days to several months of work to bring a violation into compliance. If a case is taken beyond the usual enforcement measures and into the court system, that time frame can stretch into a greater amount of time, depending on the court docket.

Ordinance vs. Deed Restrictions - Most homeowners' associations have their own set of deed restrictions, applicable to those who live in that particular subdivision. These deed restrictions may be comparable to Belleville's ordinances, which set minimum standards. Indeed, many deed restrictions are more restrictive than the local ordinances, and must be enforced by the homeowners' association ... not the City.

To File an Ordinance Complaint, call 734.697.9377, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Belleville's Ordinance Inspector is normally in the office from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. and from 3-4 p.m.  When s/he is out of the office, please leave a voice mail message, all calls are promptly returned.

The Ordinance Inspector is here to serve. The Inspector is willing to work with people to resolve ordinance violations and will gladly answer all questions. The Inspector is available to meet with commercial and residential groups in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of Belleville's ordinance requirements.


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